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  1. Hypothetically taking a 2.3L back in time.

    Lets say someone wanted to take a 93' 2.3L back to a 2-barrel Weber carb and a Distributor. What steps would need to be taken to accomplish this?
  2. 83 ranger2.8v6 carb upgrade questions

    Hello, I have been having a hell of a time with my motorcraft 2150a carb, I just found out there is a huge crack on the back of it by the port that connects the hose to the pcv valve. I am looking at a holly carb #0-7448 Holley 350cfm. If i get this carb, should i do the duraspark convertion...
  3. Making my '83 2.3Lima dumb - Help!

    Hey all. I scored an '83 2.3Lima 4WD a week or so ago. Was told it had a bad HG, but there was ZERO oil/coolant contamination. Oil was just dirty, no shavings from what I could see. I got the thing running, and it would run at higher rpms (2-4k), but at low rpms it would shudder and buck like...
  4. High rpm flutter/miss

    I have a 83 ranger I recently did the duras park swap on. Put in Holley 2 barrel have had no problems since I sorted out electrical. Now the truck is running fine but when the engine gets warm and I get the rpm's up it develops like a flutter or miss exhaust is a little to loud to tell but def...
  5. Range98

    Big change of plans...

    Well I gotta pull the engine back out to fix my oil pan some other odds and ends and I'm heavily considering switching my efi out for a carb setup. Has anyone else done this to an explorer engine ? I want to get a stand-alone computer and keep my trans but I'd put a nose cone and strip out all...
  6. Fuel Plumbing and electrical issues

    Spent about two hours searching but couldn't find it on here anywhere. I have a 92 3.0 ranger currently holding a 68 302 in it. I've got a mallory return style regulator and a 500 CFM edelbrock. I've got two problems currently. First, and most annoying, is the fuel setup. There are three lines...
  7. Intake swap

    Just got H.O. 5.0 from the junkyard. Swapping the efi for my carb setup. When I pulled the stock intake off I noticed some carbon buildup, it looked like charcoal bricks stuck the the interior walls? Was wondering what this is? And what's the best way to clean it out? Also. What's the best way...
  8. fuel lines

    Can i run my stock fuelines and barbs from a 89 2.3 motor to a carb 5.0 swap or are they to small and i have a return style regulator. Or is there a way to get bigger bars like 3/8" to match up with my regulator? pictures would be great!
  9. throttle cable?

    i have an 89 ranger with a carb 5.0 in it wat kind of throttle cables can be used?
  10. 84bluebronco2

    1984 Carb issue

    My 1984 B2 is flooding itself after running for about 2 minutes. I think the problem may be the evap can filling with gas. If i was to run a hose from the evap out let on top to my tank, would it work like a return line and stop the carb from flooding out?
  11. 84bluebronco2

    Bronco 2 carb help

    Went to start up by 84 B2 this morning and it ran fine for about 30 seconds. At that point it started to idle rough and about a minute later stalled. It will run normally if you hold your foot down on the gas pedal just a little bit. I took of my air cleaner and noted there was some fuel spray...

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