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carb swap

  1. TimWick

    1988 Ranger XLT 302 5.0 AOD Carb Swap, Ol’ Dirty Blue

    Hey all, Recently got this XLT with a ruined wiring harness for a good deal. 1 owner vehicle in AZ so no rust other than surface. Currently in progress for carb swapping the 2.3. Parts list so far: Weber 32/36 Racer Walsh adapter Speedway motors distributor Gm hei module Pc-91 e coil Fuel...
  2. TimWick

    2.3L ('83-'97) 1988 XLT Carb Swap Questions

    Hey all, Recently got my hands on a 2.3 that’s currently fuel injected but the engine wiring harness is toasted. Edward scissor hands got into the engine bay and went to town. Currently piecing together the conversion for carb based off posts here and other places. Here’s what I have so far...

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