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  1. 2.3L ('83-'97) Camshaft help!

    Hi I am Jonathan and I am 20 doing my first build and I decided to go with the 2.3t for my 1996 ford ranger. I need help with setting up the cam, cam specs are: Intake 210° @ .050” Exhaust 210° @ .050” LCA 111° Lift .468” It's a big r performance ranger roller xxx cam I have a stock 2.3 d port...
  2. Pushrod sizing for smith bros form - 4.0 V6 OHV

    Hi there, Im building a 4.0 with the comp cam 422 and 988 springs On the forums and the "building the OHV for power" post there is conflicting information about pushrod sizing The stock Pushrod ballends are closer to 5/16 than 3/16, but why is it recommended to use 3/16? and what would the...
  3. dangertorangers

    2.3L ('83-'97) Jumped timing belt. How do set crank and cam back to TDC independently?

    Thanks in advance for reading this long ass plea for help. I have been using TRS as a resource since high school and have never had to post thanks to the ridiculously knowledgable and responsive members of this forum. Keep up the tinkering! I was cruising along at about 15mph letting engine...
  4. stamina

    can you install a camshaft while the motor is in the vehicle?

    i have a 1990 ranger standard cab with a 4.0, by removing the grille, radiator, fan, and condenser is it possible to install a cam while the motor is in the vehicle?
  5. Aftermarket Help Needed

    I have a 1997 Mazda B2300, I am wanting to do a few aftermarket things with my motor. I am making a turbo manifold for it, intake manifold, exhaust system, fuel system, and others. I need help finding things I can't exactly make on my own. I am looking for a high lift camshaft, spring kit, maybe...
  6. 2.3L ('83-'97) 2.3l Engine upgrades

    I have a 2wd 1992 Ranger, 2.3l L4, with the 5 speed manual, and I'm wanting to make faster, while still being a daily driver. I don't have any specific HP numbers I want to hit, but I want to make it more fun to drive. The truck is already super fun to drive, cause it's small and handles...
  7. DIY camshaft sensor sync tool

    A neat little tutorial on how to jury rig a camshaft sensor sync tool for the Mazda Ranger trucks, if the parts store is closed or your finances are stretched do to the pandemic its fast cheap and dirty but works
  8. 1984 V-6 2.9 to 302 swap heads and cam??

    Hello... I have a 84 ranger which currently has the 2.9 carburated V-6. and the 5 speed manual transmission. I recently picked up a 302 (Throttle body injection) out of an 84 grand marquis , but it didn't come with a harness or computer so the plan is to convert back to 4 barrel carb, for the...
  9. camshaft position sensor, shaft too?

    is it really necessary to replace the camshaft sensor synchronizer shaft along with the sensor? seems like a lot of work....
  10. is anyone using this camshaft

    im looking at a performance cam for my 1995 ranger (oliver, top gear uk fans will get it) is anyone using this cam http://www.summitracing.com/parts/crn-199511 judging by where he needs power I think its my best bet
  11. theGreatDane

    Engine..... uhhh improvements?

    I am going to replace the lifters pretty soon in my 99 4.0. While i have everything apart, i wanted to maybe get a little more of an aggressive cam. I have been reading about the comp cams 410. is this really my only option? I am very new to this, as this will be my first project of this...
  12. Camshaft Position Sensor 98' Ranger

    Hello everyone first time poster here. I am posting on the behalf of my uncle who has no knowledge of computers whatsoever, and needs help regarding the camshaft position sensor. He's got a 4WD 98' Ranger, 4.0L manual. Any help at all would be much appreciated! The following is all of the...
  13. Cam sensor help!

    So after days of searching and calling around i am at a dead end. I drive a 93 ranger 2wd auto trans. I need a cam sensor. Everywhere i look online i can only find 94 and up. All the parts places i call tell me that my truck doesn't have a cam sensor. What gives?
  14. Range98

    Cam Questions and other Upgrades

    Hi everybody I finally got my donor vehicle and v8. I have a 1997 mercury mountaineer and I wanna dump the engine into my 1998 ranger. I have been scouring the internet for upgrades for the engine but I can't find many for my application. I'm planning on porting the heads, putting a more...
  15. 2.9 Camshaft Prototype

    My name is Camron, and I've been in contact with ColtCams. They say that they would be interested in making an aftermarket cam for the 2.9 I just wanted to get on and see how many people would actually be interested in this product. They say it will have higher lift and duration, and are 99...
  16. Need B2500 Engine Specs

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to diagnose a rough idle condition on my dad's 1999 Mazda, B2500. It's a 2.5L, inline 4 cylinder. This truck will start with no problem, but will begin to idle poorly after 20-30 seconds. It will also stall if the throttle is slammed shut. Very weak power overall...
  17. JayGeePee

    Tune up + some!

    Well next weekend I'm changing out a bad Cam Synchro, CPS, doing a oil change, plugs and wires, new tires w/alignment, new alternator, and belt. I was wondering if there were any more recommendations of anything else I should do while I'm Forking out the Doe. Heres a question; When I fire up my...

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