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  1. Boingo

    Bad Cam and/or lifters ?

    SO, I'll give all the details. You decide what is relevant. My guess is a bad cam lobes and/or lifters. 1986 Ford Ranger 2.9 xlt auto 2wd. The motor was rebuilt by a very reliable guy we know. It was a family member's truck, then i got it years later. It sat in this truck for 5 years without...
  2. Rangstang

    Please help diagnose 03 Ranger 2.3L knock with video

    Hi guys, I purchased the truck with this issue, so only thing I've got is what the previous owner told me. He said that it just "happened" on the way to work and he had it towed to his friend's shop who suspected a bad oil pump. I've checked oil level and verified no continuity at the oil...
  3. 4.0L SOHC V5 Cam Tools (OTC 6488) For Sale - $120

    Used once when I did the chains and guides in my ranger. Here's the craigslist ad - http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/tls/3380737500.html Not sure if this is the right forum, but I couldn't find a tools for sale forum. Thanks! -Ryan
  4. Cam sensor help!

    So after days of searching and calling around i am at a dead end. I drive a 93 ranger 2wd auto trans. I need a cam sensor. Everywhere i look online i can only find 94 and up. All the parts places i call tell me that my truck doesn't have a cam sensor. What gives?
  5. Dirmaid

    Has Anyone Cammed the 4.0L?

    I'm trying to decide on if a new pair of cams is worth the money. I'm looking to get to a low 14 in my quarter mile in my little RWD and I'm slowly crossing mods off of my list. I've gotten a tuner and an intake and I know that more aggressive cams would help that time shrink, although most...
  6. Square vs Round Tooth Cam Pulley

    On the Esslinger Engineering website I saw two different adjustable cam pulleys for sale. Is there any other difference between a round and a sqaure tooth other than the fact that one is round and one isn't? Does one perform better? And at last, what type do I have in my stock 1997 2.3? Here...

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