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  1. FlooredCustom

    Rusty Ranger Danger

    Hi fellow Ford enthusiasts, I recently acquired a 1989 Ford Ranger Custom 2.3L 4wd, manual transmission, its a beauty. I knew i had some rust to repair on the body but didn’t know at what point it was dangerous. My clutch and my break booster both let go while I was driving on the highway...
  2. 02 3.0 to 00 4.0 swap

    just looking for some input from someone with experience, i have an 00 for ranger 4.0 auto 4wd that runs great but is completely rusted out, i have found an 02 3.0 2wd with no rust for cheap, was wonder which would be easier swaping the 4.0, trans and 4wd into the 2002 or just swapping the cab...
  3. 84-87 Swap

    We have an 84 Ranger, the floors are pretty rough, we really need to replace the entire cab. I have found an 87, but a friend of mine said the only one that would fit would be an 83 or 84. Before I buy this cab, I need to know if it will fit. Thanks for your advice.
  4. Cab gets hot

    I have a 1990 ranger V6 2.9L. The cab gets particularly hot in the summer, and it feels as though heat is coming from the tranny housing under the gear shifters. I'm being told it could be my exhaust manifold, and to get it checked. My exhaust was done a year ago, and it always passes air...
  5. Newer cab on an older frame?

    Ok, the more that I think about this the more I think it's not possible but I'm way to curious to let it go: is it possible to stick a newer cab (like, a cab from a 2001-ish ranger) onto an older ranger, such as a 1994? I'm only curious because although I love my truck and have no problems with...
  6. B-Lazy

    Walk through cab?

    Anybody try this? Ive wanted to remove my rear window and waterproof the seal between my cab and shell to have a crawl through compartment, but now it would be cool to have a complete walk through making it more like an explorer.

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