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c4 transmission

  1. Nicworrell94rangwr

    Swapping a 2000 4.0 and C4 transmission into 94 ranger with a 2.5L with a manual trans

    The engine and trans I’m getting just came out of a 98 and it comes with everything besides a wiring harness and engine mounts. The trans comes with a 3 speed shifter and all the connections I’m probably gonna go to an auto wrecking yard and get all that I need from a 2000 ranger there. Is this...
  2. Dmgctrl88

    C4 not upshifting

    Hello all. I recently completed my ranger v8 swap. Thread is in my signature. The motor I built runs great and is tuned in, however when I drive, the truck will not leave 1st gear. I have solid reverse and forward gears. I can put it into 2nd manually after going, but when I put it into drive...
  3. C4 hammer shifter linkage

    I have a C4 from a 74 Montego and a B&M hammer shifter. I got the C4 cable kit and am in the process of adjusting the linkage. Rookie status... Any advice? I'm not even sure where is park on the transmission? Thanks in advance. A-
  4. C4 parts compatibility

    Is this part REPF506407 (neutral safety switch) compatible with my C4 (id code PEE AE8)

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