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c4 trans

  1. Dmgctrl88

    C4 not upshifting

    Hello all. I recently completed my ranger v8 swap. Thread is in my signature. The motor I built runs great and is tuned in, however when I drive, the truck will not leave 1st gear. I have solid reverse and forward gears. I can put it into 2nd manually after going, but when I put it into drive...
  2. Dmgctrl88

    Swap Drawing to a close - Common Questions Thread?

    Just a few questions as my swap draws to a close. 1) I have a 1973 C4 from an F100. What size are the transmission cooling fittings? I'd like to run 90 degree fittings and run line along the bottom of the passenger side head, under the harmonic balancer to the two Tranny cooling ports on the...

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