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  1. 85 2.8 to 4.0 w/auto ecu and fm145

    I have an 85 Ranger with the 2.8 and manual FM145 in it currently. The previous owners got this engine way hotter than what I would like. I also happen to have a 97 explorer with the 4.0ohv. I've found plenty of info on swapping the engine in but I would like to do it without the expense of...
  2. Ford Ranger AMP bypass 1993

    Okay so i've gone around to various shops looking for the bypass cable for the amp in my truck. 1993 Ford Ranger. Every shop has told me the truck doesn't have an amp but there is one behind the passenger side front kick panel. All the aftermarket connectors I have currently found have the wrong...
  3. EGR Valve bypass

    I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0L auto 4x4. I just had to replace the driver's side exhaust manifold due to a crack in it. I replaced it with a manifold that doesn't have the provisions for the EGR Valve. After doing the swap I did some more research and it appers nobody offers an OEM manifold like...

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