1. 1350/1354 borg warner doubler

    Ive been trying to find a solid answer. I have two bw 1350s and want to do a dual setup. So far ive only seen 1350/1354 doublers. Do i need to find a 1354 or can i use the two 1350s? They Are both manual shifts so im not asking about that. Help apreciated
  2. BishNasty

    Bronco II transfer case swap

    Im in the process of gathering everything I need to do the electric to manual tcase swap. The transfer case is a BW1350. I have the linkage, transfer case and the driveshaft already. What I'm lookin for is the two bolts that bolt the linkage to the transmission and the wiring harness for the...
  3. Turboford

    BW1350/NP205 "poor mans doubler"...?

    I'm heavily considering a SAS and 38's on my ranger, and according to research, a 1350/54 double *seems* complicated and weak. Being that I have a divorced NP205 laying in the barn (and no 1st gen exploder parts), what would it take to fit this combo under my truck? I'm hoping to run around 8"...