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buying used

  1. EdgeRanger91

    Wanted 40/40 bucket seats

    looking for 40/40 bucket seats that will go into my 2002 ranger edge extended cab. I prefer the 04-05 style. totally fine with cloth seats or OEM ranger leather if possible. so long as their in good condition and are black (or black/gray) I would also be down for explorer limited seats again...
  2. Samzwell

    Wanted ISO 1987 Ranger XLT fender emblem

    Looking for a Ranger XLT fender emblem for my 87 ranger like the one pictured. Does not have to perfect, but good condition is preferred. Will buy cracked if the chrome is still in good condition and the mounting pins are in tact. Thanks!
  3. gullyburner

    1988 Ford Bronco $2000???

    Hey y'all! New guy here sent your way from a few very awesome reviews and considerations from the Ford Bronco Sub reddit. I would truly appreciate everyone's help. I'm looking to be a first time ever Bronco owner and am looking at this guy seen bellow. Do you think the price is worth what the...
  4. 87 with a bad tranny

    It's a 2.9L with a bad tyranny, doesn't go into reverse and slipping badly in drive (lower gears seem to be working). I'm in serious need of a running vehicle and looking for recommendations on where I might get a really decent price on a good used tranny. In Chesapeake, Va. area.. Thanks in...
  5. Which to buy? Need opinions.

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I've wanted to buy a ranger for some time now, and the time is now! I just need some opinions and advice on buying used before I take the plunge. Right now I'm looking at two trucks- a 2003 Edge with crew cab, 4x4, v6 4.0 L, auto trans, with tow package and...

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