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  1. 83 ranger with Dana 30 help with bushings

    Hey everyone! I’ve got an 83 ranger that’s had a SAS with a Dana 30. The fella I got it from didn’t know too much about it, but I believe the front axle to be from 98 Grand Cherokee and the rear axle to be from a mid-nineties f150. It’s just a woods buggy but it makes finding parts difficult not...
  2. chevy leaf swap bushings?

    Do the chevy 64 inch leaf springs use the stock ranger leaf spring bushings? I just purchased a set of polyurethane bushings for my stock springs, but then I learned about this swap and want to do it, but don't want to get rid of my new bushings
  3. Dissolved bushing

    Hey everyone, Does hydraulic fluid dissolve bushings? I was under my truck yesterday (for other reasons) and noticed my front driver side lower shock absorber bushing is deteriorated/dissolved. Seems like some sort of fluid has leaked onto it and reacted with it. I can only assume it's...
  4. chrwilkins30

    Leafs bushing?

    I got a new shackle for a 88 b2. It came with a new leaf spring bushing. Will it fit in the explorer spring im putting. I'm assuming it will but just want to make sure before i get started.
  5. Camber bushings for a stock truck?

    I'm getting ready to POR-15 my I-Beams (as well as a ton of other things). I'm putting all new hardware on the beam and outward. I just got the ball joints out tonight, it looks like I have 0 degree fixed cambers currently. They're rusting to no end, so I want to replace them. Rock Auto has...