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  1. mattging94

    Will LEDs work with the Blinker Mod?

    Calling the electrical gurus on this one: I'm starting to upgrade some of my bulbs to LED on my '03, and I'm curious as to whether or not LED's will work in my front turn/marker lights when I have the "Blinker Mod" done on the corner lights already. I know the blinker mod relies on grounding the...
  2. No Brake Lights! Please help.

    Hey all, So my trusty Ranger is confusing me. I noticed in the past few days that I do not have brake lights when pressing on the pedal. Troubleshooting steps I have done are as follows: Replace brake switch. Replace both bulbs on each side. If you put hazards on, they flash. If tail lights...
  3. 2 bulb to 3 bulb

    I want to convert my tail lights from 2 bulb to 3 bulb. I've read and been told I need the pigtail harness as well as the multifunction switch. Is that all that's needed? I can't find an answer or anyone on this forum who has every done this or even attempted it. I feel like the best way to do...
  4. under hood light

    Hi all, Anyone know what bulb fits in the little "better-than-nothing" light on the underside of the hood. The one that lights the engine up when the hood is open? My truck never had one and I can't seem to figure out which bulb I need. It's an '87. Thanks.

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