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  1. 97 Ranger in Boca Raton, FL

    I'm Jess and new to this site, was on FRF alot a couple years back when I got my truck. Hopefully in the near future I can begin my budget mods (still researching my best options) I'm not very mechanical but I am eager to learn. Haven't met many people that are into working on trucks so I'm...
  2. William Spitzer

    86 Budget Conscience Build

    So since i finally think I have a RBV that im going to keep for a long time, here is my build thread. Just somewhere to track my progress (and how much I spend :D ) and see how far I've come. here it is when I got it, took a 3 hour drive to go and pick it up. Previous owner put in a 4,0...
  3. William Spitzer

    Lift choices

    Recently bought an 86 B2, and am starting to get it ready for winter. The tires on it now are pretty dry-cracked, but I have a nearly brand new set of General Grabber AT/2's (31/10.50/15's) on ranger wheels. I bolted them on but theres a little rubbing, and i'd really like to avoid cutting my...
  4. suspension rook

    Ok here's the deal, I had a 96 ranger and after a major motor defect and baby discovery I got rid of it. It already had suspension done but I did motor, cab, bed cage and lights, fenders, bed, hood, bumpers. I just bought a wreaked 94 mazda b2300 with a bad motor for $50 off a friend and he did...
  5. 4x4b2

    budget 88 b2 build

    hey guys ive had my b2 for about 3 months and i love this truck, im 15 its my first working truck and its so awesome. i know alot about mechanics but dont havee alot of cash so im trying to build this with the least amount of money possible. well i paid $200 for the truck, and have put about...

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