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bucket seat

  1. EdgeRanger91

    Wanted 40/40 bucket seats

    looking for 40/40 bucket seats that will go into my 2002 ranger edge extended cab. I prefer the 04-05 style. totally fine with cloth seats or OEM ranger leather if possible. so long as their in good condition and are black (or black/gray) I would also be down for explorer limited seats again...
  2. stamina

    bench seat swap help!

    i want to swap out the bench seat in my ute for some of the normal seats from some other truck, basically what i’m asking is what is compatible with the bench seat oem like brackets and such, are the seats from the 2nd gen compatible with the 1st gen? also are bronco ii seats compatible in any...
  3. Help! 60/40 seats to Bucket seats

    I have a 2002 ranger xlt. I want to remove the 60/40 seat and install bucket seats. What vehicle should I be looking at? Ford explorer, F150, Escort? what year?
  4. 2008 60/40 to bucket hack

    I have a 2008 XLT extended cab Ranger. It had the 60/40 seats in it. I found lots of information on swapping or hacking older ranger seats, but not much on newer years. One day on a whim around one in the afternoon I decided to just do it, a leap into the unknown. Since I hadn't planned this...

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