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bronco ii

  1. BishNasty

    Bronco II transfer case swap

    Im in the process of gathering everything I need to do the electric to manual tcase swap. The transfer case is a BW1350. I have the linkage, transfer case and the driveshaft already. What I'm lookin for is the two bolts that bolt the linkage to the transmission and the wiring harness for the...
  2. How can I pull the most HP out of my stock 2.9?

    I have an 89 B2 that is pretty much bone stock other then a home made cold air intake. What are some easy upgrades to suck more HP out of it. I heard that performance plugs, bigger plug wires and a nice coil help some. Thanks.
  3. 89 b2 t-case help!

    Hi all, I'm new to TRS so bare with me. I am having issues with my transfer case/transfer case shift motor. I recently put it in 4lo and when i tried to take it out it came out of low but not 4. So thinking it was the t-case motor i got the new 90 some odd dollar motor and it is having the same...
  4. 89 b2 t-case help!

    Hi all, I'm new to TRS so bare with me. I am having issues with my transfer case/transfer case shift motor. I recently put it in 4lo and when i tried to take it out it came out of low but not 4. So thinking it was the t-case motor i got the new 90 some odd dollar motor and it is having the same...
  5. high rider bumper

    does anyone know where i could find a bush bumper like the one on the gen 1 high rider for my 86 b2
  6. 1988 Bronco 2 Front End Clicking

    Hi there guys. I tried searching for an existing forum with this issue, but had no luck. So, here it goes... My Bronco 2 is clicking loudly in the front end mostly when I'm accelerating, not in 4wd, hubs unlocked.. It starts when in 1st gear and I can hear it through the first 3 gears. It only...
  7. Pbheadshots

    v2 Bronco 2 build

    Well this is version 2 of my old thread, since the whole process turned 180degrees the other direction, and the 88 is being brought back to life! What's going on: - 2.9 engine pulled - 2.9 cleaned and rebuilt - 2.9 painted - frame cleaning/derusting/painting with tractor paint - body work and...
  8. weird noise when releasing the clutch

    Hey guys when I just get going in the lower ranges of first and second gear i hear this squeaking noise coming from the engine bay. It mostly happens when the engine is under strain any ideas as to the problem.
  9. BishNasty

    Bronco II problem?

    Hey guys, I have stock a 87 bronco 2 5spd. The truck is making a weird clicking noise coming from the rear end but only upon acceleration and its pretty noticeable with the windows down. I think it might be the driveshaft? What do you guys think? Anything helps. o
  10. BishNasty

    Rear leaf springs or blocks?

    I have a stock 87 bronco ii. I like to do a little offroadin here and there but mainly drive the truck every where. I plan on getting the 4" rough country lift and 31s but I'm not sure whether to get leaf springs or blocks? Anything helps? Thanks
  11. BishNasty

    Electric to Manual transfer case swap?

    Hey guys, I have a stock 87 bronco II 5 speed 2.9L. The stock tcase is an electric and I don't feel like going through the hassle of trying to figure out why its not engaging. So my plan is to replace the electric with the manual. Questions: Will my current driveshafts work with the manual...
  12. BishNasty

    Bronco II explorer questions?

    Hi guys, I have a stock 5spd 87 bronco II. I'm looking to lift the truck so I want stronger axles, I found a 92 parts explorer for a couple hundred bucks. its got about 200k on it with a rebuilt 4.0 auto trans. Now my questions are will I be able to use both front and rear axles from the...
  13. Rattling Brakes!

    So, I have an 86 Bronco II that goes through anti-rattle clips like a kid goes through candy. My brakes are always rattling! My dad had the same problem with his 85 Ranger. It's like the anti-rattle clips just get worn out real fast or something. Does anyone have any good tips/tricks to get...
  14. youtube

    Hey guys if anybody wantsa to see some videos of bronco ll and not just read about them check out my youtube channel at www.youtube.com/magnifico12312 I dont put videos up too often but usually post some on the weekends.
  15. Help!!!

    I have an 86 Bronco II 2.9 V-6 automatic. My truck ran great when all of a sudden the fuel filter on the driver side rail started leaking, so i got it replaced. But then the starter wouldnt crank at all so i tried the starter solenoid, i replaced that and now the starter will crank but the...
  16. 89 B2 4.0 wont start has spark has fuel?? with Video

    so i tapped the check valve on the fuel rail and got a healthy stream of gas, i pulled a plug and grounded it and have a good spark only things i can think of are bad gas maybe a lil water in the line i accidently forgot to put my gas cap on and it sat for a week outside what would be the...
  17. 95 4.0 with EGR converted to 91 4.0 wiring harness with no egr LOTS of photos

    so spent the night changeing all the components on my 95 explorer 4.0 with EGR to match up with my 91 Non EGR wiring harness let the fun begin okay heres the 91 4.0 with no egr in my B2 heres the 95 4.0 with EGR and again i do like the 4.0 EFI image on the plastic intake too bad its only...
  18. Tanks too damn small!

    I have a 1988 bronco ll and the thing is a pain, I constantly need to refill it with gas. I believe it has a ten gallon tank. I also dont see any postings about this, but does anybody have any ideas on putting a bigger gas tank in it, like sizes and if anybody has don a conversion like this before.
  19. seeking 2.9l to 4.0 4x4 manual swap help and electrical guidance

    89 B2 XLT 2.9 to 4.0 swap build conversion B2 and explorer Q&A Hello Im new to the Forum I have a 89 Ford Bronco II 2.9l 4x4 Manual trans I have Read Plenty on the 4.0l Swap and conversion and still have a few questions. I Have a 4.0l from a 91 Explorer auto trans that I'm pulling this...
  20. Fuel not priming!

    Howdy! First post here. So I have an 88 B2 and the fuel isnt priming. I hear the click from the tank so I presume the relay is good. But I don't have any priming. Is this just the fuel pump? and if so which one? A little background; a couple of days ago I headed to work and it started fine...

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