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bronco ii

  1. 1RangerNut

    What rear U-joints?

    What rear U-joints, bronco ii ? This is probably in the wrong spot, but what u-joints fit the rear of a non GKN bronco driveshaft? Cuz mine already had one installed when I bought it.
  2. rangerscout

    1985 bronco ii swap need advise!

    Hey guys so I pulled the trigger on starting all the swapping on my truck today and went and bought me an 91 xploder. My question for all you guys is do i need a fuel injected bronco iis tank to make this work or can I just get the pump out of one and such I could really use the help. I live in...
  3. 86 Bronco II Grinding Noise

    Hey guys, I got a 86 Bronco II, 4x4, manual, w/ the low range gearbox if that makes a difference. Runs and drives fairly smoothly, except that every time the rpms pass through like 2100 I hear a sort of grinding noise for a second, then it goes away. Sometimes I hear it a bit around 1500 also...
  4. Air Filter

    I have a a 1087 Bronco II, good shape. Want to get a little more horsepower out of it. Any suggestions without going overboard? I'm pretty "low knowledge" too when it comes to cars. I'm currently in my very early stages of learning. And any recommendations on what kind of air filter to get...
  5. 2000 4.0 swap

    Alright, so I have an '89 Bronco II 2.9l with 235/75r15 tires, which really bog it down, and I'd like some more power. My friend recently rolled his 2000 explorer and is willing to sell it for me $300. The roof is trashed, but everything under is fine. I've heard of people putting 4.0s in BII's...
  6. Hydro Lock no oil pressure

    I have an 87 Bronco ii we are resurrecting. When we put the engine in and tried to start it, it hydrolocked due what we eventually found was a fault in the ECU. That fault caused the injectors in cylinders 3 and 6 to go wide open and flood the cylinder with fuel. We replaced the ECU and it not...
  7. Transmission Woes

    Well, after breaking the first 89 A4LD, and using the successfully mounting the second A4LD that came with the vehicle when purchased, my father and I realized that the shift lever was not facing towards the ground as it should, but up towards the floorboards of the Bronco II. We disassembled...
  8. 1989 Ford Bronco II Fuel Problem?

    I have a 1989 Ford Bronco II 4X4 XLT it has the 2.9l EFI with the redesign heads. It has 150,000 miles 4-speed OD manual trans, manual hubs, manual transfer case. I have noticed that it is reluctant to start, but its more complex than that. I turn the key, wait for the fuel pump to stop...
  9. 4.0 Conversion Fuel Line Help!

    Converting a 89 BII to 92 Exp. The fuel lines for the explorer are female, so my dad decided to cut them from another Explorer (we don't have a donor vehicle) and cut them right after the male connector behind the fuel filter. now we have a problem of transferring the male of the Explorer to the...
  10. Flywheel shim

    Do I need a flywheel shim behind a new flywheel in a 1984 Bronco II? Vehicle came with transmission, clutch and flywheel removed. If one is needed, how thick. I see 040" shims for sale most often. Thanks for any help.
  11. Bronco II removable doors

    I decided that I wanted to remove my doors and put quick release pins so I can get almost a Wrangler type set up more or less. I did some research on it and just couldn't really find much. So I'm posting this so maybe the next guy doesn't have to look so hard. The biggest worry for me was the...
  12. Lifting BII's For Cheap?

    Ok, i am 15, building a 89 BII, i want about a 2-3 inch lift, besides the stuff on the tech pages, is there any secrets to cheap lifting?:icon_confused::icon_bounceblue:
  13. 85 2.8 bronco 2 advanced timing issue

    Ok guys, I have a 1985 ford bronco 2 with the 2.8 manual with 4 wheel drive. I've been having problems getting advance in my timing and Ive already tried to replace both the ignition control module and the engine control computer and neither fixed the problem. I was told that i was gonna have to...
  14. F250 coil springs

    My 89 Bronco II has 6 inches of lift but I want to lift it more. I know a guy that has f250 coil springs and I was wonderin if they would fit my bronco and if they did how much lift would I get and how stiff would the ride be? The guy that has them says they lifted his f150 9 inches.
  15. 44 to D4 rear-end swap worth it?

    So, I have an '89 Bronco II with a 44 rear end. I also happen to have a '90 bronco II I use for parts, which has a D4 limited-slip. I want to do a swap so I can have the L/S rear-end, but will it last? Do they wear out quickly? Or should I skip all of this and just have one installed on my...
  16. New here, in Charleston

    Hey how's it goin? I have an 89 BII. I blew out the tranny and I was thinkin about either have the A4LD rebuilt or just swapping motor, tranny, and axles. Which would be a better choice on a budget? Also is anyone in the Charleston area that wouldn't mind showin me a few things mechanic wise as...
  17. New to BII

    Hey ya'll! So, jut bought a 1990 Bronco II, manual 5-speed from one of my dad's buddies. I absolutely love it, but I'm not too familiar with BII's or manual tranny's. The guy I bought it from rebuilt the entire front end, right before I bought it, but there's still a lot of work to be done. It's...
  18. would 2 inch lift coil springs from 97 ranger fit my 85 b2??

    i found a great deal on some and wondering if i should snag them. thanks!
  19. BishNasty

    Bronco II transfer case swap

    Im in the process of gathering everything I need to do the electric to manual tcase swap. The transfer case is a BW1350. I have the linkage, transfer case and the driveshaft already. What I'm lookin for is the two bolts that bolt the linkage to the transmission and the wiring harness for the...
  20. How can I pull the most HP out of my stock 2.9?

    I have an 89 B2 that is pretty much bone stock other then a home made cold air intake. What are some easy upgrades to suck more HP out of it. I heard that performance plugs, bigger plug wires and a nice coil help some. Thanks.

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