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  1. Dmgctrl88

    Got this far - Questions

    My build thread is located at: http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151435&page=1 It is picture heavy. I had a few questions about parts and whatnot. Starting from the back to the front. I rebuilt my C4 transmission and swapped in a C5 output shaft and tail housing. --- 1)Will...
  2. Exhaust hanger and bracket

    While driving down the road the other day, the rubber exhaust hanger snapped and I had to use bungee cords to hold the pipe to the frame. Looking at it now, I can see that I need to cut the piece from the actual exhaust pipe, but it seems that there is no way to replace it on the bracket that...
  3. 93 2wd Camber problem with new coils (adjustable bushings didn't solve it)

    Have a 93 Ranger (2wd, 2.3L) that I installed new 2.5"-3" coil springs. This threw the camber way off. Even after adjustable camber bushings and an alignment the tires are 3 degrees off. I think I need radius drop brackets, but I cannot find any for 2.5" in 2wd; only 4wd. Does anyone make...