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  1. Pulling my control arm bracket mount off

    I've been running this truck rough for a while now. I've jumped it a lot and I bent the upper arm control arm brackets on both sides. now I've got limit straps to help stop that but i need an alignment BADLY but because of the bent brackets it can't be aligned. I'm going to get gussets from...
  2. Aftermarket seat brackets 2003 Edge Std Cab

    I'm trying to replace an uncomfortable driver seat in my 2003 Ranger Edge, Standard Cab. I'm willing to pay a couple hundred for a nice racing seat, but I'm having a hard time finding brackets for the 03 Standard Cab. Here's a link for Scat Procar seat brackets, and they only show as...
  3. lethal-threat-b288

    beam drop brackets!!! help

    :dunno:is there anybody who can or know of anybody that can either make or fab some beam drop brackets for a 6 inch lift, i am goin to put a d35 in from a d28 and the lift plate will be too close to the carrier housing... any ideas are greatly apreciated thanx:icon_welder:

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