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  1. ant.xlt.96

    Removing Heads - Stuck exhaust manifold bolts

    Tearing down the engine in my 96 4.0 OHV v6 to replace head gaskets. I've got the passenger side head removed, but the driver's side is a PITA! I've been able to remove 2 of the 6 bolts going into the head, but don't have enough clearance with my 1/2" drive breaker bar to get the leverage it...
  2. Caliper mounting bracket

    The bottom bolt on my caliper mounting bracket on the driver side of my ranger is seized in. we've tried heating it up, wd40. I know a few tricks i haven't tried yet. i was wondering if you guys have any ideas
  3. mobile madness

    4.0 ohv header bolt size?

    I know I need 8mm 1.25 but idk the length. If possible id like to get hex heads. What's everybody gone with?
  4. transmission wonders

    ok, so i just replaced the felxplate on my 1990 ranger 2.9 v6 4x4 automatic. put everything back together, and now when i accelerate it has no power but once it gets going it starts catching up, then when it shifts into 4th it bogs down a lil bit, and it wont shift into overdrive, does anyone...
  5. flexplate bolts

    my felxplate sheared in the middle, i got the trans off and the plate off the t.c. but i cant get the bolts that held the flexplate to the crank, any i deas of what to do to get them off?

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