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  1. M5OD Transmission question

    Has anyone seen an M5OD Transmission with only upper bell housing bolt holes? Just picked up what looks to be like an M5ODR1 Transmission (looks identical to the one removed from the 94 Mazda B4000/Ranger I drive). The only difference looked to be the front drive line output shaft. So the 4WD...
  2. Dropped bolt in shifter hole Its urgent but i couldnt post on urgent

    Sooooo i was installing a new Hurst short shifter into my tranny today and when i was gonna bolt on the base plate i dropped and bolt into the gearbox and it was lost into oblivion. Yes i ignored the part about covering the shifter hole, i stuck a magnet in There drained and poured the fluid a...
  3. Torque Spec on Driveshaft Bolts

    Hey guys I was replacing my slave cylinder and clutch and I'm now putting the drive shaft back on. What is the torque specs on the drive shaft bolts, where the drive shaft meets the rear differential? The truck is a 1993 ranger xlt with the 2.3l 5 speed Thanks!
  4. Bolt Spinning Free -- Bed Removal, 1991 Ranger

    Hey all, on my 1991 XLT Supercab Ranger, started it a week ago and it was spitting gas below, near the gas tank / fuel pump I guess, it was pretty messy underneath with just the ignition on, not even running, so I shut it down. Jacked onto stands now. Going to replace whatever I can get to...
  5. coil bucket question

    Hey guys, I have a 1992 Ford Ranger and the passenger side coil bucket rotted out and cracked, I am planning on replacing it next weekend, I'm looking to order grade 8 bolts and nuts to replace the rivets that hold the bucket to the frame. I did some research and it seems that the popular...
  6. idriveafordranger94

    4.0L OHV Torque to Yield Bolts

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of tearing down my Ranger's 4.0L and have a few questions. I know the cylinder head bolts are torque to yield, so those will need replaced, but what about the 3 big 15mm (I think) bolts that hold the rocker rail down on each head? They were really tight when taking...
  7. tensioner mounting bolt torque spec?

    I just finally narrowed down my crazy squealing on my 99' ranger xlt. Turns out my tensioner was shot, got a new one and now its not squealing at all. I don't have a chilton/haynes manual, does anyone know the proper torque spec for the 8mm mounting bolt? I don't want to have over tighten it or...

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