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body work

  1. DavisRanger

    Before/after 88 Ranger XLT 4x4

    I’ll update more as I continue to do cosmetics. Right now my main focus is the engine. But, I’m pretty happy with the look so far. Just need a couple more changes externally and I’ll be there. Painted last April. My next move will be a roll bar/light bar and window tint. Interior is...
  2. '92 XLT in DC

    Hi there, Very excited about finally picking up my first Ranger tonight, a '92 XLT 4-cylinder with the R1 transmission. 165,000 miles, 2-owner truck with new clutch and tires. Almost completely bone stock, other than a Leer bedcap and kooky carpet job in the bed. California truck with Wisconsin...
  3. will.moyer

    bronco 2 paint and body work

    :headbang:Ok so I need some help my b2 is the blue and white color I paid 700$ for it and it needs some serious body work. I want to paint it flat black and keep my white middle and get the blue and white stripes back and place them in the same spot as they were I have never seen a b2 like this...
  4. wag offroad bumper

    so im wondering could the bush bumper wag makes for the 98-00 ranger be made to fit my 93 so far as i can tell the bodywork is very similar and swapping to a bumper from a newer truck is no big issue or does someone make a bush bumper for a gen 3 ranger
  5. meskater132

    Chopping the Top on my BII

    I have a 1990 Ford bronco II 2.9ltr 5spd mitshu tranny So today I started the process of chopping the top on my BII :yahoo: so far started to gut the interior pulling carpet roof liner, and driver side body panneling. tommro i will start to pull the pass side, my plans are to -gut the...

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