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body lift

  1. 04 Ranger 4x4 AT Shift Cable Issue

    Hey guys! I have an issue with the AT shift cable on my Ranger consisting of it being shortened by the truck having a 3” body lift. The plastic tabs holding it in the bracket on the side of the trans have worn down and won’t hold anymore. Temporarily I have a couple hose clamps holding it in...
  2. Danno1985

    No tailights/brakelights after body lift, help!

    Hey all, looking for some quick help here. I recently had a 3" performance accessories body lift installed on my 2010 XLT. Didn't realize until I got home that I now have no brake lights, no taillights, no reverse, no rear blinkers - even the 3rd brake light on the cab doesn't work. Front...
  3. 94 Ranger Leveling after 3 in body lift 2wd

    I just recently out a 3in body lift on my 94 ford ranger. I want to try to level out the front end. I was thinking spring spacers or just going with new springs but im not sure how many inches 1.0? 1.5in? 2.0in? opinions??????
  4. Help Need Double Lift Knowledge

    I have a suspension lift on my 2wd 01 ranger. 4 inch in front and 2 in back, spindle and shackle. I would like to know, if I were to do a 3 inch body lift so I can fit 33's or 35's, what should I need to prepare for as far as extending brake lines or steering column length and any other advice...
  5. troubles with my body lift.

    I have a 1999 ford ranger with a 4" suspension lift and a 3" body lift. It is sitting on 33" toyo open countrys. lately i have been getting tired of leaning so much whenever i take turns. Also im getting a bunch of shit from my buds because of it :bawling: . I figure if i take my 3" body lift...
  6. 302 Swap on a 95

    I may be new but I have read the tech posts and I am left with a few questions which is why im posting my questions. Im intending to build a 95 2wd ranger with a carburated 302 HO with a mild cam, an M5OD, and the 3.08 geared 8.8 from my 92 4.0. 1. I have a 95 2.3L with a 5 speed I am looking...
  7. Body lift

    I have a 97 ranger and I'm debating either a body lift or a suspension. I do about 20% off road. Is it worth the trouble of a body lift for the much lower cost?
  8. William Spitzer

    98 lift questions

    i know there are alot of threads about lifting 98+ trucks, but i couldnt find any about what im thinking about doing. ive found these 2 kits...
  9. 98 4wd tires and wheels

    Alright i got a 98 ranger 4wd. 4.0 automatic, its got an off road package with the 3.73 gearing. I put a pa 3 inch body lift on it. There are currently some bfg all terrains 31 by 10.50 15s on there. Im really thinking about getting some 33's but im not sure about the width or how they will...
  10. morgan946

    pics of double lift with 33's

    hey my name is morgan cummins and i have a 3" body lift on my 2002 ford ranger with 33/12.5/15 mickey thompson mtz's. and i was wanting to know if anyone had pics of a double lifted truck with 33's?
  11. Body lift kit question for 98-00 Ranger

    So I was reading in the tech library and I was wondering if disconnecting the loom wires and other lines/wires is needed? Can't I just take off the bumpers and take out the radiator and simply put the blocks where the body connects to the frame? Im planning on doing this lift kit over the summer...
  12. Just me, currently in Southern Maryland

    Just an old hippie tryin' ta keep it together in today's world. Been around the world and back a couple times courtesy of Uncle Sam. Retired from the U.S. Navy in '94, was a jet mechanic and flight engineer. Still wrenching on aircraft for the Navy as a contractor. Even do it at home on my cars...
  13. tailgate_mafia

    New guy New project

    Hey everyone I'm new to the site. Ok I have owned 2 rangers before but they were 2x4 now i have a 1994 ranger stx. after rebuilding the top end of the 4.0 and putting new leaf hangers and shackles on it i'm putting a 3" b/L on it. i has 31x10.50 R15's now how can i get another two inches of...

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