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  1. 1988 Ranger Two-Tone Paint Problems

    Hey guys, Maybe you can help me figure out what paint I'm supposed to be looking for. My grandfather passed this truck to me. It actually belonged to both of my grandfathers at one time. I'd like to do some touch up. Here is the info from my door: As you can see my paint codes are listed as...
  2. Baby Blue Ranger

    Hi I am Doug, Obviously I am a ranger fan, I have had proabably a ranger in my driveway for the last 18 years. I really like them. My daughter also liked them. I lost her to cancer in 2006, she was 5 years old. At the time I had a baby blue 1986 ranger, I also had a Explorer, on one trip...
  3. kurama49

    suspention question

    Hey everyone. I was curious whats the best bang for the buck I-beam long travel kit? I'll soon have $5000 to play with. and im getting my new "victim" in a week and a half. I would like to get a long travel, but still have a few hundred left over for bulged fenders. Im looking at camburgs...

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