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  1. Coolant leaking out passenger side of head

    Noticed some antifreeze under my 96 2.3 today and noticed a very consistent flow of coolant coming from the passenger side of the head where it meets the block. I’m guessing this means the head gasket is blown but I don’t see any water in oil, the truck has not overheated since I have owned it...
  2. Bryan101

    Head gasket

    Miss fire in cylinder 6... spark=yes;;;;Fuel=yes.... pull spark plug and put truck in clear flood mode= water shoots out of spark plug hole.... :(
  3. need input

    ok i bought this 90 ford ranger 4x4 2.9 v6, did a basic tune up on it and an oil change, now i believe it to have a blown head gasket, what do you guys think i should do with it and should i pour in some liquid gasket fixer or what?