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  1. ludicrouspeed69

    Bellhousing Bolt Patterns for 2.3 and 3.0 M5OD Transmissions: Dimensioned!

    I spent a lot of time looking for dimensioned drawings or CAD models of the transmission bolt patterns (for reasons). None existed as far as I could tell. I tried perspective flattening, tracing, and scaling images from google, but was having a hard time trusting them. Finally I had the...
  2. 1997 4.0 manual Transmission bolt size

    Howdy there, I am trying to figure out the bolt sizes for my Ranger. It's a 1997 4.0 Manual transmission. The M50D-R1. I'd like to replace the bolts while I got the trans out.
  3. M5OD Transmission question

    Has anyone seen an M5OD Transmission with only upper bell housing bolt holes? Just picked up what looks to be like an M5ODR1 Transmission (looks identical to the one removed from the 94 Mazda B4000/Ranger I drive). The only difference looked to be the front drive line output shaft. So the 4WD...
  4. Water in bellhousing

    I recently replaced my clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, slave cylinder, and pilot bearing. When putting it all back together I noticed several (cooling?) holes on the underside of the bell housing. If I shined a flashlight inside the holes I could literally see the clutch and p pressure plate...

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