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  1. Beadlock Wheels - will they FIT?

    Hey everyone, I am curious if anyone knows, I have an 2007 FX4 with stock rims (16" I believe). I found a set of beadlock wheels for cheap, but they are 15" and I am not sure they will clear my brakes etc. Anyone know if you can run 15s on a truck that comes stock with 16s?? :icon_bounceblue...
  2. CountryBoy704

    homemade internal beadlock

    so i know that staun and others now are offering dot approved inflatable beadlocks that work like a small inner tube, but has anyone ever tried to put a standard innertube in their tires to see if it would do the same thing? i know a guy that somehow stretched some tiny little car tires over the...

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