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  1. Want to run 6" bulge fenders but don't know what wheels to run!

    Hey guys! I'm looking to turn my 1996 ranger into a DD prerunner that I can have fun in, like the style of, and bomb down some dirt or gravel roads in! (I live in Michigan so that's pretty much all we have.) I don't need long travel suspension yet so I'm planning on just getting a 4" lift for...
  2. Dprocks100

    Jeep Rims on Ford ranger?

    Ok, so im new to the forum, and i have a Question. I have a 1991 2wd Ranger without a lift. I bought some 15x7 jeep rims thinking they would fit and didnt think about the backspacing on them. they have a 5.25 backspacing. Im looking for an aggressive look and was wondering if i would be able to...