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  1. HELP!!!! 4.0l engine problems

    I have I 99 B4000 M/T, flowmaster muffler, magnaflow cat, K&N FIPK II intake. My engine is lacking power throughout the rev range but is most notable on the highway. I have trouble maintaining 65 if there is even the slightest hill, which usually requires downshifting and putting it to the...
  2. 2007 b4000

    Hey Guys I just bought a 2007 B4000 a couple months ago loaded up with the Se+ package as well as the 4x4, and the V6. I know that people are talking a lot about getting high horsepower/torque numbers but I'm just looking for some everyday driving power. A little more kick at low RPM's say...
  3. 94 B4000 Vacuum modulator, auto-transmission

    Hello~ When I found this website a few weeks ago I was elated at the amount of information that was available here. While looking through the threads that related to my concern I noticed the beautifully subtle way that people asking questions that have been answered anew again and again and...

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