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automatic transmission

  1. Jessene

    New to forum looking for advice

    1999 Ford Ranger xlt 2 wh drive 3.0 L V6 automatic transmission , lost reverse , and can not get the dipstick back in I turned it a million times but it wont go . Does anyone know how much the torch converter holds ?
  2. 4r44e Wiring Question

    TLDR: What does the 2 wire connector in the picture go to and how much will it suck to reconnect it?? I have a 150K+ miles 1996 Ford Ranger, Automatic and I've had issues with the transmission. I only paid $1000 for the whole truck so a rebuild kinda ruins my investment costs. I am trying to...
  3. 04 Ranger 4x4 AT Shift Cable Issue

    Hey guys! I have an issue with the AT shift cable on my Ranger consisting of it being shortened by the truck having a 3” body lift. The plastic tabs holding it in the bracket on the side of the trans have worn down and won’t hold anymore. Temporarily I have a couple hose clamps holding it in...
  4. 2.3L ('83-'97) Transmission Rebuild, Replace, or Give Up

    Hey everyone! A little background, I have a 1996 2.3l ranger I bought for $800 with a head gasket leak and a series of other issues. I’ve fixed the head gasket ($300 for new head plus labor), I’ve done the fuel pump, and some small things like fixing the stuff the previous guy installed wrong...
  5. PineappleRanger503

    Overheating, replaced radiator and thermostat. Please help!!!

    Hello everyone, My truck is overheating and I am having some difficulty trying to pinpoint the problem. Hoping I can get some help and ideas on what may be the problem and/or what I may be doing wrong or incorrectly. I had a pretty noticeable cracked radiator which I have replaced with a brand...
  6. 5r55s transmission shudder

    Hi all, I am having trouble with a 5r55s transmission in a 2008 PJ Ranger 4x4. The vehicle has just had this transmission installed after the old one began playing up. The transmission in question was bought from a wrecker and swapped straight over and has approx 104k on it. Upon installing the...
  7. Converting my Manual Mazda M50D-R1 to an Automatic Transmission

    Hi, I've got a 1996 2WD 3.0L Ford Ranger with a Mazda M50D-R1 Transmission in it. The transmission itself is in great shape, but as of late I've been having problem after problem with my clutch assembly. First the slave cylinder went, then a week after having it fixed the clutch master cylinder...
  8. Transmission Vent Location

    Where is the transmission vent located on a 2000 ranger 4 liter, 4x4, with automatic transmission? I would like to relocate for water crossings.
  9. Transmission Woes

    Well, after breaking the first 89 A4LD, and using the successfully mounting the second A4LD that came with the vehicle when purchased, my father and I realized that the shift lever was not facing towards the ground as it should, but up towards the floorboards of the Bronco II. We disassembled...

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