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  1. EdgeRanger91

    Wanted Audiophile center console system w/sub and amp

    In search of the Audiophile 290-watt Pioneer center console extension, which houses the amp and subwoofer. this was the middle audio option that was offered on 04-08 Ranger XLT, EDGE, and FX4 level II Super cab Rangers as an optional extra. willing to pay shipping and pay a MORE fair price...
  2. 6x9 Speaker Install Doors and Rear

    So my grandpa insisted on buying me some 6x9 speakers for my truck and I couldn't convince him otherwise so I figured I would make them work. I saw several threads on 6x9 speakers, but I thought I would show everyone my photos/experience on my 94 ford ranger standard cab. For the wiring, I just...
  3. 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4 Door Extended Cab

    I have a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4 Door Extended Cab 4wd and I'm looking to buy new speakers for it. an audio shop near me told me the speaker size is 6x9" but other sites have said 6x8" please let me know ASAP
  4. '91 B3000 a.k.a The Green Goomba

    Ok, I've had this truck for a little over a year and a half and LOVE it. Here are a few pics of what I've done to it so far (mostly interior work) The truck the day I bought it Painted the Bumpers BLAAACK! Now I am a car audio enthusiast so, the next steps are understandable... Took...
  5. 1991 Ranger Sub/Amp/Insulation Questions

    Before driving out to my duty station I did a new headunit and some new 6x9's in my truck. Being able to hook my iPod up is lovely and the new 6x9's are a ton better than my old ones (mainly being that both of them work instead of one) but now I'm wanting a sub and also to quiet down the inside...
  6. Apollo-Soyuz 1975

    Incremental audio upgrade - 1998 Ranger XLT regular cab

    I've been looking at feasible audio upgrade paths for my truck (M100 cassette deck head unit, front door speakers only, rear speaker wiring runs to empty speaker mounts behind seats) since I bought it. Because I'm a part-time college student my budget is very tight, so I'm trying to sketch out...

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