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  1. Sharky146

    Ranger Center Console Armrest Fix

    Hey guys. Every Ranger I’ve owned had a cracked, worn out center console armrest. Usually I try to find a decent junkyard armrest, but they’re generally disgusting from 20 years of someone’s arm grease. So, this time I decided to repair my armrest and made a short YouTube tutorial. It’s...
  2. HPWTX

    Aftermarket manual steering pitman arm?

    Hello all, I have a ranger in the shop with power steering and am converting to manual for a v8 swap.... The problem is that ford discontinued the pitman arm :pissedoff: The part number I need is E3TZ3590C. I have called just about every junk yard and ford parts house in town to no avail...
  3. Pulling my control arm bracket mount off

    I've been running this truck rough for a while now. I've jumped it a lot and I bent the upper arm control arm brackets on both sides. now I've got limit straps to help stop that but i need an alignment BADLY but because of the bent brackets it can't be aligned. I'm going to get gussets from...
  4. idriveafordranger94

    Rocker Shaft Direction Issues

    Hey guys, just getting ready to put my Ranger back together after a top end rebuild which has seemed to drag on for entirely way too long. I removed the rocker rail, or shaft (that the rocker arms sit on) and put them in order in a box. However, while moving stuff around in the garage, I mixed...

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