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  1. Rogja

    Anti-theft no PATS starting issue.

    Okay I know this has been asked a ton. But I can’t get clarification for my own problem with my ranger. Its a 97 XLT super cab. 4.0 with a manual and 4x4. the other day I tilted my steering wheel up after shutting off truck. And the ‘alarm’ system went off and since then won’t reset. I don’t...
  2. Alarm lock unlock issues

    New member but omg can’t count the times I’ve read up on some of your ideas and used your knowledge for projects and ideas! So I’m no spring chicken when it comes to wiring but I’m at a complete loss trying to get the keyless entry working. I have set up the relays according to a 5 wire set up...
  3. How to de-program (Disable) a keyless entry remote

    Hey everyone I have a quick question to ask: Does anyone know how to disable a keyless entry remote for our Rangers? Back story: My fathers 03 explorer keyless remotes are broken. After installing a aftermarket alarm system in my 11 Ranger I have the OEM keyless remotes available to use on...
  4. ShowUp817

    Installing alarm Disarm button mounting ANY SUGGESTIONS

    I'm installing a alarm in my 99 Ranger I'm almost done but I can not figure out a place to mount the disarm button. It's supposed to be hidden but I must be able to reach it. If anybody can help me out that would be awesome!!!
  5. Another Keyless Entry Question

    I have a 2000 Ford Ranger with factory theft system, power door locks, windows and keyless entry. I just replaced both door actuators last night and they work fine (whew, getting that first actuator off it's mount blind was a biotch! Tips: A. You need a stubby flathead screwdriver and B. unbolt...
  6. Alarm problem!!!

    heres my problem I've got a 2000 4 cyl ranger and when I bought the truck it wouldnt start unless you unarmed the alarm even if it wasnt armed you had to unarm it to get the truck to start. the guy before broke the keychain part of it so he drilled a hole in it and made his own keyring and in...

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