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air fuel mixture

  1. 4.0L starts and dies within seconds without riding the accelerator

    Edit: Just took the OBD-1 codes. KOEO readings were: 157 - (R,M) Mass Air Flow signal is/was low or grounded - MAF [Understandable, had the MAFS disconnected to get it started] 543 - (O) Fuel pump monitor circuit shows no power - Power / Fuel Pump Circuits KOER readings were: 173 - (R,M)...
  2. starts when cold, runs rough till warm, then dies won't start again for at least a da

    So, I am stuck... My truck ( '86 Ranger 2.9 L) has a fuel problem. We have troubleshot as far as we can. For starters, you should know what she is doing. I recently moved back to CA from CO where I bought the truck. She ran fine for the 1st 6 weeks or so before she started running rough. On my...

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