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  1. KasenLeigh90

    Relocating steering wheel cruise controls to aftermarket switches?

    Truck info: 1990 Ranger 2.3L w/ 5 speed TL: DR- Move steering wheel cruise controls to aftermarket switch panel???? I am going to install an aftermarket NRG steering wheel in my truck. There's nothing wrong with the stock one, I'm just going in a different direction with my build rather than...
  2. Aftermarket headlight and taillight housings?

    I have a '92 Ranger XLT and I've bee looking for aftermarket headlights and taillights, preferably would like to go LED. But I haven't been able to find any. Every site I've tried only has OEM replacement housing. And I need new headlights really bad, because the low beams point almost directly...
  3. GriffinM6

    What wheel is this?

    So I just purchased this 1993 2wd Ranger about 2 months ago and was not given much information about what has been done to it. I’ve searched the wheels for any markings as well as looked at the ranger stations stock wheel chart but have come up with no results. Tire size is 235/75r15 and the car...
  4. Dont even know how to buy exhaust.

    Im trying to put a cat back system on my truck with a flowmaster 40 series muffler. I want to do 2 Inch in, 2 1/2 inch out, but i dont know how to buy the certain pipe that i need. I drive a 98 ranger XLT, 4.0 v6, stepside, 5 speed manual
  5. sledhead999

    2.9L Head ?'s

    I have a '90 Bronco II w/ the 2.9L V6 with a head/gasket issue leak. Its burning oil/coolant in #3 cylinder drivers side. I'm wondering what my options are. I'd like to replace the head with a better aftermarket design if possible. I've seen World Products mentioned as a good replacement, but...
  6. Control Arm Replacement

    I have a 99 ranger xlt with 114000 miles on it. I ran off the road and hit a tree stump over the winter and snapped my tie rod end clean from the steering knuckle. I replaced both parts and went in to have a shop allign the truck and they said that the lower ball joints were bad. So i spent a...
  7. custom ranger parts

    hello just showing off some items ive made for my truck its an 1989 ranger xlt v6 wih a 5 speed 2wd.1st is an exhaust tip i welded up from old parts from my f350 and a after market shift boot and gauges also have a cai,throttle body spacer,port and polished upper and lower intake.exhaust is 2...
  8. Aftermarket Muffler

    Hi my name is Travis and I am new to TRS but moving on to my question. I have a 95 4x4 XLT ranger with a 4.0L V6. I have been saving up some money now and I looking into putting in a aftermarket muffler and there are a lot to pick from. Any thoughts or ideas or advice would be really helpful to...
  9. JayGeePee

    Power Door Locks?

    I was wondering how hard or expensive it would be to put power door locks in my truck with a remote for keyless entry? Is there a universal kit, or what is recommended?:icon_confused:

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