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acceleration hesitation

  1. spaceranger

    Poor Acceleration Fixed - Bucking, jerking, etc… Fuel Pump!

    BLUF: In-tank low pressure fuel pump/ sending unit caused no acceleration beyond light touch on the gas. Figured I’d post here because I’ve seen a few threads with no final updates of 2.9l owners having identical issues, but disappearing without a final update (perhaps after having fixed… or...
  2. '84 V6 Cologne Engine

    Hello all, I recently rebuilt my dad's 1984 V6 2.8L Cologne Engine. It is the carbureted variant. The original engine got to 210,000 miles before we decided it was time to rebuild when it was leaking oil like crazy. In the process of rebuilding the engine, I replaced the carburetor with a...
  3. 96 Ford ranger 2.3L 4 cylinder acceleration hesitation

    Hello, My 96 ford ranger has been in the shop for about a week now and they still can't find the reason behind it having acceleration hesitation issues.When I first took the truck to the shop they called me back within 6 hours saying that the pcm was faulty. so I had them replace it and I picked...

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