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96 ranger

  1. 91 ranger 2.3 interchangeable with 96 ranger2.3 ?????

    Can someone please tell me if I can put a 2.3L motor from a 96 ranger in a 91 ranger that had a 2.3L motor in it. Both motors are 8 plug motors. If so what all needs to be swapped over and what about the crank sensor ??????? THANKS IN ADVANCE PLEASE HELP !!!!
  2. 96 Ranger 4x4 ABS ECU location

    Recently purchased 96 Ranger 4x4 3.0. Previous owners had Ford dealership troubleshoot their ABS. Wheel sensors replaced and the dealer says the final problem is in the control module. It's evidently in the dash. Have consulted two printed manuals and a Fort TSO- can't find how to access and...
  3. 1996 Ranger Odometer not working

    I know this has been discussed time and time again, but..... mine too has stopped working. Following the great links provided on this forum i have done them yet i am still not getting any odometer love. my worm gear was broken so i replaced it with a new one. i made sure i cleaned it very...
  4. tranny conversion on 4.0 ranger

    i have a 96ranger xlt with the 4.0..runs great except the tranny i just put in shit out and i hear the automatics always have the same problems so im thinking about goin to a manual i was wondering what all parts i would need that arent there since im sure sumone on here has done it i know ill...
  5. Bryan101

    stock look front hitch

    just wondering if there is anybody out there that has made this like what some of the F250 have... i have a winch that goes in a trailer hitch that came off a hummer H2 i would like to use it on my truck but i wana keep the stock bumper any ideas? Picture plz if u have this set up

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