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87 ranger

  1. 302 swap in 87 ranger. Need help fast in the middle of dropping the motor in!!!!

    Ok so I'm using the oringinal 5speed tranny with the adaptor plate and a removable bellhousing. Wear can I get a clutch slave cylinder and mounting brackett. or should I use the McLeod Throwout Bearings 1400-74. Will that even work??? Who out there has done a swap like this a can help. Fustrated...
  2. xX_STX_Xx

    Need Urgent Help!!

    I'm in the middle of tryin to fix my instrument cluster because my needle in my speedometer is goin crazy, my gauges arent working except for the fuel, the bulbs are no longer turning on, and im throwing tools and i fear for the garages safety. Does anyone have any ideas? idk whats wrong the...
  3. xX_STX_Xx

    87 ranger Cluster Swap. Need help!

    Im tryin to find a custom instrument cluster that looks good in an 87 ranger. is there any custom ones that i can buy that are plug and play?? or, if i could, how do you replace the lights behind the instrument cluster?? im tryin to get them to match my red LEDs beneath my dash. Any help or...
  4. xX_STX_Xx

    Air intake on 2.9L.. Worth it or not??

    Hey, guys, whats up. I have an 87 Ranger STX, 2.9L bored .20 over. i was reading through the tech forums and i saw the air intake topic. Is it worth removing the air box? will i get the promised 10hp increase from K&N? This would greatly help!! Oh and by the way, half the reason i asked is...
  5. Paint Job Ideas??

    Hey everyone, I have a 87 Ford Ranger. I'm in the process of fixing it up. And one thing I'm eventually going to have to do is repaint it. It is currently dark blue with a gray and red stripe at the bottom of the body. So I was thinking about changing the color. So Id like to see some paint jobs...

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