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83 ranger

  1. 09Stang

    Installing AC in a non AC 1st gen ranger? Have a 302/c4 swap

    Hi everyone, I thought I may post on here since I can't find any real in depth knowledge on this subject. My dad and I built an 83 ranger into a race truck. It's got a stock 302 from blueprint, a non AC CVF serpentine kit (with power steering). It has a street built C4 auto from TCI. My dad...
  2. 83 ranger with Dana 30 help with bushings

    Hey everyone! I’ve got an 83 ranger that’s had a SAS with a Dana 30. The fella I got it from didn’t know too much about it, but I believe the front axle to be from 98 Grand Cherokee and the rear axle to be from a mid-nineties f150. It’s just a woods buggy but it makes finding parts difficult not...

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