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  1. josuegdl

    Greetings from Mexico!!! 88 SAS.

    Here´s my truck what do you think?
  2. josuegdl

    SAS 88 flatbed finally finish!!!!

    OK, It's a Long Story, I'm not a good writer so Please be patient. My truck is a 88 xlt single cab with a long bed, at least IT was some time ago. She has been in the family for more than 15 years, she started on my father 's farm and work there 12 years. When my father sold the farm I stay with...
  3. F150 8.8" in 96 prerunner...

    Ok so i already know i am going to have to relocate the spring perches. shock mounts will be relocated to the u-bolt plate. Now all i am wondering is if i could maybe find one with disk brakes that i could use an e brake with? Secondly I selected 5.13's for gearing and am trying to avoid a...