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  1. upper and lower radiator hoses

    hi i need help finding lower radiator hoses for a 5.0 swap on an 89 ranger i have the ford explorer HD radiator please help thanks!:dunno:
  2. lower and upper radiator hoses?

    i need help finding a lower radiator hose for an 89 5.0 swap with a ford explorer hd radiator? links and pictures would be greatly appreciated... :dunno:
  3. clutch setup

    im ordering the cnc slave cylinder for the t5 swap what other parts am i going to need to convert a t5 to a hydralic clutch?
  4. throttle cable?

    i have an 89 ranger with a carb 5.0 in it wat kind of throttle cables can be used?
  5. 5.0 swap 1985 ranger help

    So I've swapped a 302 into my 1985 ranger and don't know what to do for the clutch throwout, was hoping to be able to maintain the hydraulic system. It's got the late 80's early 90's mustang t5 bellhousing and a t5 transmission. I was hoping for parts I could use to adapt it to the factory...
  6. well heres the plan..

    To start I own a 1988 ranger supercab. its lifted 4inches. on 31'' bfgs. i am looking to put a whole list of things into it.... here they are: -motor-- 5.0 302 efi -tranny-- f-150 4 speed w/ od manual - transfercase-- one out of a f-150 (not sure what type) - rear end-- 9in - front end-- dana...
  7. JayGeePee

    84 Ford Ranger

    I have a question about a truck i'm buying this weekend. Its a 1984 Ranger thats already been set up for a 5.0 motor. The guy that owns it had a motor in it for 4 months with a C4 auto, and a fuel cell in the bed. I asked him what rear-end he has in the truck, he said a 7.5 with stock gears. My...
  8. spock1996

    Neutral Balanced 5.0l flexplate flywheel

    I have a 1995 5.0l that has been stroked to a 354ci, it was all balance to neutral with a neutral balancer and a aod flexplate with the weight removed. I now want put a manual in it and I think a i-6 300 flywheel will bolt up and is neutral balanced but since the aod flexplate has a big hole...
  9. Anyone put a carb'd 302 in a BII?

    If you have i'd love to hear about your process and what you had to do the line things up and make them fit. I'm getting ready to put a 302 in my BII, and need a little help. What transmission should i mate with it? Can i keep my stock manual shift transfer case? Or do i need to upgrade to a...
  10. lincoln 5.0

    Ive done alot of reading here and this is my first thread. i really like this site! iam going to swap my 87 Lincoln town car 5.0 (the land yacht) into my 94 ranger 4.0 5 speed. i wanted a 5.0 HO but things fell threw. so iam doing it with the Lincoln as the donor. but anyways, can i get some...