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  1. 1992redranger

    1990 Ford Ranger XLT Pickup 2D 6 ft - Facebook Marketplace

    Seems to have been gone through by a mechanic. Memphis, looks like, although the person writing the post doesn't seem to like that detail 👀...
  2. Bad Slave Cylinder?

    Last week, one morning I had no pressure in my clutch pedal. From my experience I immediately thought this meant a bad slave cylinder. Checked clutch master reservoir level and the fluid was low. I bled the system to see if i could build pressure in the pedal. The first time I opened the...
  3. Hola hola

    Howdy bonjour buenos... First time ranger-owner-DIYer in Miami, FL, looking to get to know how cars work by means of a '98 XLT 3.0L V6 4x4 5-speed. Blows my mind how many rangers roll around this city, if you watch you can spot 5 a minute easy. Got dragged on the buying price but after diving...

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