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4x4 ranger

  1. Front Differential Repair Pig removal.

    I’ve been chasing a moaning sound from the front drive train for a week now. I can’t figure this out. I pulled out the half shaft drove it- noise still there Replace both wheel bearings again (replaced in 2018) drove it noise still there. Pulled both CV’s drove it-noise gone. What’s left...
  2. Buying my first Ranger help

    New to this forum hope I'm posting in the right spot... I am looking at buying a good everyday driving truck that is functional and in good shape within my budget. I have been looking for some time off and on and came across a 1988 Ford Ranger XLT, 4x4, 2.9l. When I talked to the owner he was...
  3. 97 Ranger with 187000 for $3100?

    Hey everyone, I got my license a few months ago and am about to get a car, I really like this 97 Ford Ranger XLT crew cab 4.0 4x4 v6 and wondering if it is worth $3100 seeing as it has 187000 miles on it. I think its worth it cause I like working on cars but my parents are skeptical and I would...
  4. I need advice on my 84 ranger

    I have a 1984 ranger 4x4 2.8l 5 speed manual. I need some help with suspension. I want to set this truck up for some mild off roading. I don't know where I should start. Or where are some good places to get some parts. I do have a limited budget and will be doing this over this summer.
  5. xBLAKEx

    Best 4in Lift Kit for a 1988 Ranger 4x4?

    I'm new to this community and I'm not very knowledgeable of suspension kits and systems.:icon_confused: I'm looking to lift my 4x4 88 Ranger so i can put 31/10.50/R15 under it. I was wondering what exactly i need to lift my truck, and what's the best way? I've been looking at the Skyjacker Class...

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