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4wd issues

  1. Richard869

    4x4 not working in my 1993 Ford ranger xlt manual v6 4.0L

    My 4wd does not work whatsoever. The only time the 4x4 orange light is illuminated is when I first start the truck and it does it’s test cycle but even then it doesn’t always light up. I replaced the shift motor and even bought a new 4x4 switch off eBay. I can’t seem to figure out what the issue is.
  2. Clunking while in 4wd going up hills

    I have a 2003 Ford Ranger Fx4 Level II with an automatic transmission. The 4wd system seems to work properly until you start to go up any moderate to steep hills putting additional load on the system. This is when a loud clunking/slipping starts to happen every 5-10 seconds. The first time it...
  3. Ford Ranger 4x4 problems

    Hi, just recently joined the forum, I have a 1998 ford ranger xlt 4x4, went out into some mud on Christmas night, 4x4 worked amazingly, it got stuck in 4x4 (wouldn’t shift out) but needed it anyways, shifted into 2wd after sitting, then I go to use 4wd a few days ago, was working strongly, than...

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