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  1. Gear ratio help

    I have a 98 ranger, with a V6 4.0L. I recently upgraded to 33s from the stock 215s, and the acceleration / MPG is horrible. I mostly drive side streets, and was planning on upgrading to a 4.56 gear ratio from the 3.55 stock ratio. I was wandering how to do this, and what to buy. I do not want to...
  2. jlb0716

    3.73 open swap to 4.56 ls

    Alright guys, I am in search of some input on this topic. :icon_confused: Here is what I have: -01 2.5L 4x2 5sp -6" custom suspension lift :icon_welder: -3.73:1 Open diff -33x12.50 BFG AT K/Os I am thinking about finding a used 4.56 LS rear axle and swapping that in. I have lost...
  3. 4.10 to 4.56 l/s

    Alright guys so just like my last thread, I've done my research but I like some reassurance to make sure what I think is correct. I have a 2004 ranger Edge v6 3.0. Axle code is 97 (8.8 open, 4.10 gears). I just put 31.6" tires on so I want to put 4.56 gears in to try to get back to normal...