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4.0l swap

  1. rangerscout

    1985 bronco ii swap need advise!

    Hey guys so I pulled the trigger on starting all the swapping on my truck today and went and bought me an 91 xploder. My question for all you guys is do i need a fuel injected bronco iis tank to make this work or can I just get the pump out of one and such I could really use the help. I live in...
  2. "2.3L to 4.0L" 2002 Ford Ranger XLT

    i blew the engine in my 2002 ford ranger XLT (2.3L 4cyl) and i want to put in a 4.0L 6cyl. would i have any problems with this? Im worried about the bolt patterns and the wiring harness not matching up. just need some advice from someone with more experienced with this kind of stuff.
  3. Please help....I have no clue what to do

    So I've got a 1998 ranger 4x4 with a motor out of a 1995 explorer. I bought the truck with an engine on a pallate and no engine in the truck. I have it all back together with the exception of a vacumm line running from the throttle body.... I don't know where it goes!:annoyed: I have a 1997...
  4. BONES

    The Deuce

    I started with my wife's old DD, an 86 Eddie Bauer, 2.9L fm145 1350. In 2001 we parked it because it was getting tired and we bought a new car for her DD. It sat for several years in the back yard awaiting some much needed attention. In 05 I came across a 92 Explorer EB with a blown a4ld...
  5. BONES

    Bones Bronk

    Hello!! I finally bit the bullet and joined you...the largest RBV site on the net! I figured it was time to graduate from years of lurking on here to become a member and join the ranks. My friends call me Bones, and I wheel an 86 Bronco II Eddie Bauer. My now wife bought the Deuce for a DD...

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