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4.0l sohc

  1. Nicworrell94rangwr

    2000 4.0L Gasket Kits and Potential Upgrades

    I’m looking into gasket kits right now I found a Fel-Pro kit for $208 is that a reasonable price?? I noticed other kits by them were a lot cheaper but none that would fit my engine, if anyone as any recommendations let me know. Being that I have the engine out and on stand I figured now would be...
  2. Otis413

    4L SOHC "cam service tool" and timing kits questions.

    I have a '02 XLT 4x4 with 230K miles, this summer it has developed a timing chain rattle (chatter), and I want to nip it in the bud. This is my first 4L SOHC vehicle. My last ford was an '85 F150 with a 300 6 and 310k miles on it when it died, but that's another story... I have a few questions...
  3. CliffDog

    Engine interchangability?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2003 Ranger with the 4.0L SOHC V6 that died. I know replacing with same year engine is best, but if I couldn't find an engine in the same year, which later (2004 up) engines are compatible with a swap? Would a newer, 2011 engine be a direct bolt-in swap, or what factors...
  4. 1984 ford ranger 4.0l swap

    Does anyone know what has to be done to fit in a 4.0l v6 into a 1984 ranger. It has the 2.8l v6 but it needs more power and good gas mileage as this is my commuter truck.
  5. hilltopfarm

    Hard start...only when warm??

    Hi folks, I got my project back together and running, only problem is that it has a hard time starting only after the first start (i.e. when warm). This makes me believe it is not the battery, but maybe the fuel system? By hard start I mean crank over 6-7 times before it fires up. When I put...
  6. hilltopfarm

    THIS is what my engine looks like after rattle...

    THIS is what my engine looks like after timing rattle... So I took some pictures of my 4.0L SOHC after I swapped everything to my new engine. Thought that you may be interested to see what happens when that rattle begins. Also any thoughts on preventing this in the future on my new engine...
  7. hilltopfarm

    Very Frustrated, Please HELP!!!

    So i'm trying to get my oil pan gasket put on. This is the upper oil pan, cast aluminum. My truck is a 03' 4.0L SOHC. I ran into these two little tabs that stick down on the rear output shaft side of the gasket. Wondering what to do with these tabs. I'm getting very frustrated, because I wanted...
  8. ChequeredRoof

    Removing speed limiter

    I know, I know, much has been said about the stupidity of trying to remove the 93mph speed limiter, but my reason is slightly different... I have an ex-RAF 1989 Ford Transit County 4x4 in the UK into which I have squeezed a US-spec 4.0 SOHC (and A5R55E transmission) from a 2004 Ranger...
  9. hilltopfarm


    Ok, I am stumped on this one. I just replaced the slave cylinder on my 2003 FX4 ranger. When I got it all back together it makes a rattling sound when I shift at lower RPMs (1500-2000) It almost sounds like a loose cat heat shield, but they are all tight. It makes the same sound on start-up...

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