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4.0l ohv

  1. 1985 2.8l v6 ranger swapping in a 1996 explorer 4.0l ohv

    Hey there everyone. Wanted to know if anyone would be able to tell me if they have done this swap. I have the motor installed but now I'm at the point where I need to wire everything together, of course when I took the harness and motor from my donor, I had to rush and didn't label any of the...
  2. 85 Ranger 2.8l to a 96 Explorer 4.0l

    Hello I've picked up 85 ranger with a 2.8 5 speed. I recently attempted to replace the cap and rotor, wires and spark plugs. After they were replaced, the ranger no longer ran. I ended up picking up a 96 explorer with a 4.0l OHV and decided to swap the motor into the ranger. was wondering is...
  3. theGreatDane

    Engine..... uhhh improvements?

    I am going to replace the lifters pretty soon in my 99 4.0. While i have everything apart, i wanted to maybe get a little more of an aggressive cam. I have been reading about the comp cams 410. is this really my only option? I am very new to this, as this will be my first project of this...
  4. Idler Pulley Question

    How far should the idler pulley stick out on the 4.0Liter engine? mine sticks out about a .5 an inch compared to all of the other ones. The reason i ask is because the belt keeps slipping off the c/s pulley. we have reason to believe that the idler is bad because the tensioner was replaced, and...
  5. rfingon

    heater control valve leaking, P0171 code

    OK, strap in, because this may be a long one.... This 4.0L OHV (166K miles) will throw a P0171 code during a regular, in town drive, but will never throw this code during highway driving. Also worth mentioning, the MPG is steadily going down the crapper. She used to throw both a P0171 and P0174...

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