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4.0 liter

  1. Help! Trouble Shifting into 1st and Reverse Only 45,000 Miles on Truck

    Hi, I have a 2008 Ranger ext. cab 4x4 Manual Transmission with only 45,000 Miles. I'm the original owner, well kept. For about the last 15,000 Miles I find it difficult to shift into first gear or reverse. -Clutch isn't soft, feels normal -Gears are not grinding (although on some rare...
  2. Can I fit 33 10.5 r15?

    I have an 02 4x4 xlt 4L V6 with 31x10.5xr15 tires. It seems to me that I have plenty of room for bigger tires, though. If I crank the torsion bars ~1" and install a rear add-a-leaf, will I have room for 33x10.5xr15 tires? If not, will rubbing only be on the easily trim-able plastic bumper? I...
  3. michael_cope

    88 Ranger 4.0 turbo swap update

    Hello All, 2010 since I last posted my ranger project! so here you go! Sum It up... 1988 Ranger STX 4.0L Swap from explorer, Coil on plug conversion, 5 speed, custom wiring, explorer eec, T3T4 turbo inter-cooled, 10inch 6 puck clutch, 9inch ford diff 3.73 spool, rear mounted radiator, battery...
  4. 97 Ranger with 187000 for $3100?

    Hey everyone, I got my license a few months ago and am about to get a car, I really like this 97 Ford Ranger XLT crew cab 4.0 4x4 v6 and wondering if it is worth $3100 seeing as it has 187000 miles on it. I think its worth it cause I like working on cars but my parents are skeptical and I would...
  5. WARNING Flashpaq Tuner May Cause Loss of Control

    ************************WARNING*************************** I recently installed a superchips flashpaq tuner to increase fuel economy and correct my speedometer. The tuner was used on a 2008 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 Supercab. I have the 4.0L V6 with automatic transmission. The tuner tripped the...
  6. Ranger Exhaust???

    :headbang: I wanttoput an exhaustonmy 1995 ford ranger. 4.0 5spd. Idk whats cheap and what will soundgood for a v6. Any suggestions.Thanks

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