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4" lift

  1. luke89b2

    help lifting 89 bronco 2

    Hello everyone, I recently decided to revive my 89 b2 that's been sitting the past 20 years. My grandfather owned a dealership as a hobby, and when he stopped selling vehicles, it was on the lot, so he kept it in the building, along with a few of his other cars he collected and some other left...
  2. CV Half Shaft - 4" Lift - 2009 Ranger

    Greetings all, I am working on a 2009 Ford Ranger I bought used with a 4" Superlift lift kit. The inboard side of the front left CV half shaft broke open last night bringing my mother to Thanksgiving dinner at my uncle's place. I picked up a replacement Precision - CV Axle Shaft (...
  3. 4" lift, do i need drive shaft mods?

    hey, just wondering if i put a 4" lift kit in my 1987 ford ranger 4x4 will have have drive shaft u-joint binding issues. any help would be great thanks. Nick.
  4. Lift Bracket question

    Hey folks, Have a question that I am really hoping that someone can help me out. I have bought a 6" lift kit from a fellow member here on the ranger staion and have some questions. Seems that the front bracket for the right front axle measures out to be a 6" drop. but the plate style drop...

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