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  1. Junkyard Transmission

    So to start out with I am planning to do a junkyard 351 swap into a 4x4 manual ranger. Just to ease myself into this I am going to just take a bone stock 351 out of and f150 or an ecoline or whatever I find and throw that in there, but later I plan on building it out and turboing it. My question...
  2. 2003 351w ranger edge brakes

    I'm building a new ranger with a 351 and I'm hiding most of the wires so where the fuse box was is where all my brake lines run to, I want to say it's the proportioning valve, but I moved it back torwards the firewall and my question is: If I don't plug in the plug that goes to it will my...
  3. AOD transmission help

    Hello, I have a 1983 Ford Ranger with a 351windsor and an AOD transmission. I recently finished up putting it all together. It ran fine and smooth, then when I went to test drive it I had no gears. Absolutely nothing, well Park and Neutral work. The transmission came with the truck and I didn't...
  4. natmanjoh

    possible 351 swap

    normally wouldn't post questions like this and research it instead, but time is short. all my research was for a 302 swap and i was dead set on it. then my wifes co-worker said she had a lightly wrecked bronco (all body damage, engine still runs) that she doesn't want in the yard anymore ($300...
  5. stevealvey24

    Headers? Anyone

    I'm looking to put a 351w in my 1986 ranger 4x4. does anyone know of headers that will work? also anyone have any items to help me out with this? Any help appreciated.

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